You print, we plant. That’s called PrintReleaf.

While every piece of equipment we offer is designed to minimize your energy and paper consumption, paper presents one of the biggest environmental impacts of your office. That’s why we partner with PrintReleaf.

Here’s how it works.


trees we've replanted to date

We track your paper consumption.

Included in your service contract, we will automatically track the paper you use. And when your office uses one tree worth of paper – approximately 8,300 sheets – PrintReleaf will plant a tree in its place.

You choose where to plant.

PrintReleaf works with Global Forest Watch to find areas of the world in desperate need of new trees because of deforestation and climate change. Through Global Forest Watch, you choose exactly where your new trees are planted, then use the online portal to track their growth.


Let the world know.

Of course, it’s an opportunity for good PR. PrintReleaf provides customizable social media posts and press releases right in the application, so your customers, clients and prospects can learn about company’s environmental efforts.

Let’s save the planet together.

At SumnerOne | Copying Concepts, we partner with every client to minimize their impact on the environment while saving money. That starts with selecting equipment and designing solutions that are both energy efficient and recyclable. Part of our strategic approach also involves partnering with organizations who share our vision.

Reusing and Recycling

Used electronics and spent toner cartridges can be harmful to the environment. Luckily, key glass and metal parts of these components can be recycled through our manufacturing partners.

Follow the links to learn how the programs work:

Konica Minolta | Kyocera

Energy Efficiency

We provide energy efficient products and tips to help your organization operate as sustainably as possible. By going green, you’re not only conserving energy and protecting the environment – you’re eliminating unnecessary waste and saving money for your business. Sustainability is a win-win for you and the planet, and SumnerOne | Copying Concepts is here to help you achieve it.