IT needs to be just right.

Your IT infrastructure encompasses everything behind the scenes needed to operate business across your network.

IT is a complicated science to piece together. There are many different layers of technology between your computer and the magic making things happen. Each of those layers has numerous technologies, version, softwares and capabilities.

This is why SumnerOne|Copying Concepts highly recommends the work of a professional Solutions Architect to design your infrastructure and its components. Our Architects are passionate about learning how your business operates along with your technological needs. From there, they can design the precise configuration that you need to operate at optimal performance while remaining cost-effective.

Reliability & Up-time

A solid infrastructure doesn’t allow downtime unless it’s planned. Time is money and every minute you are down is missed opportunities. All systems suffer from more frequent failures over time and incur greater management costs. For this reason, we recommend using an industry standard refresh cycle on all equipment and a vast majority of businesses are well beyond that time frame. If it’s been more than 4 years since you’ve last evaluated your infrastructure – it’s time.


Performance & Speed

Of course, we utilize our infrastructures a tremendous amount more than we did a few short years ago. Technology built at that time is not always capable of handling the needs that we have today – much less a few years in the future. As your dependency grows, so must your infrastructure’s capacity or else you suffer performance loss. Seconds spent waiting add up across the organization and, again, time is money. If your employees are complaining about slow performance of day-to-day tasks then an evaluation of your infrastructure is due.



One of the great benefits of our increasingly complex infrastructure technologies is that it’s able to do a whole lot more with less hardware. That means less to buy, less to manage, less to heat and cool, and less to power. Or, what you really want to hear, less costs. Doing a whole lot more for less money is always a win-win.

We’re ready to help you get IT done.

We’ll always choose the best solutions from a full range of leading brands, including:

Business class hardware for PCs, Servers, Firewalls, and more

Software and licensing for all of your business productivity needs

Reduce costs while simplifying your infrastructure

No infrastructure is complete without a disaster recovery system